I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and while I was trained in a wide variety of massage approaches and disciplines, I focused my practice in Clinical Massage. Since 1998 I have maintained a highly successful private massage practice here in Tucson Arizona.


It is my personal desire and goal to provide the most professional and effective service possible to my all clients. I strive to create a supportive, relaxing and nurturing environment while offering the highest quality massage therapy.

Whenever indicated, I work with my clients' other healthcare providers and practitioners as part of a team to achieve the best possible outcome for the individual patient.


Each session can vary in duration. A thirty-minute session is $45, a one-hour session is $75 and a ninety-minute session is $110.

Treatments can be performed through various types of clothing, thus allowing the client to remain fully dressed if preferred.

This type of massage has been very successful for relieving all types of pain, routinely decreasing and often eliminating it. While it has many benefits, it is not intended to be the kind of massage for relaxation, skin toning and general well-being.

Clinical Massage is a comprehensive approach which includes assessment, hands-on treatment (75% to 85% of the session) and rehabilitation.

Chronic, intermittent, long-term, residual pain from an accident or injury, as well as pain from unknown origins are characteristic of the types of pain most served by utilizing this type of massage.

There are situations, where this type of care works best in conjunction with other types of healthcare providers, and therefore referrals may be indicated. Once relief is achieved, regular on-going and less frequent visits are typically desired to maintain a significantly better quality of life.

What is Clinical Massage?


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“If you don’t take care of your body, where else are you going to live?”

–Robert Pirello